Soil sampling is one of the most critical parts of any farming operation and often receives limited attention.

Farmers in South Africa spend millions of Rand annually on fertilizer purchases based on samples often taken by people with a vested interest. In view of this, the farmer cannot be sure that the samples collected are :

  • Collected in the correct manner
  • Correctly handled
  • That they are a true representative sample of the field / land
  • Incorrect sampling and collection can lead to incorrect analysis, interpretation, recommendation and application. This can lead to financial loss.

Based on the above we believe that it is important that the samples are taken by an independent source who can ensure that the samples taken are :

  • Correctly collected and handled
  • Correctly labelled and dispatched

Oasis Agri believes that the soil is key to producing healthy nutritious crops, and to this end we have formed an associateship with a professional team who can assist our farming clients with independent analysis of :

  • Targeted soil sampling
  • Leaf analysis
  • Nematode Community Profile
  • Solvita Respiration tests
  • If there is sufficient interest, a mapping service could also be incorporated

We are of the opinion that soil sampling should be done on an annual basis, which will enable you to monitor :

  • Soil fertility
  • Crop removal
  • Mineralisation of elements
  • Any crop yield and quality limiting factors

Should you be interested in this service please click here to contact us and we will arrange for a company representative to respond.