Oasis Agri is an agricultural solutions and distribution company of next generation Bio-degradable soil enhancers and micro nutrient blends. We wish to maximise the productivity and profitability of each hectare of agricultural land, without degrading the natural resources. Focus is on long term safe and sustainable biological farming methods.


CEO and Founder

Francis grew up on a farm and has always been interested in soil health. Two events for him were game changers, a meeting with Dr Jill Clapperton (Rhizosphere Ecologist) from Canada who explained to him how multi specie cover crops enhanced soil biology. Jill was instrumental in assisting in including grasses, legumes, herbs and brassicas in multi specie pastures for livestock and cover crops for both animals and soil health. The second was meeting the scientists behind the development of polymers for treating salinity in agricultural soils. After the meeting and many trials conducted, they developed a new generation soil enhancer polymer, which has delivered excellent results across a wide range of soils and over 70 different crops.



Oasis™ 88 is a next generation biodegradable soil enhancer that effectively addresses soil compaction, salinity, and alkalinity issues.

> Increased soil porosity, by reducing soil bulk density, increasing water infiltration which in turn results in water conservation.
> The reduction in soil compaction results in less nitrogen loss.
> More effective Phosphate fertilizer utilisation and optimised Phosphate fertilizer consumption.
> Reduction in agricultural chemical consumption (eg weedicides and herbicides) and improved fumigation performance.
> Improved germination rates.
> Irrigation lines and emitters kept deposit free.
> For land reclamation and damaged soils.

> Salts present in the soil cause the soil particles to expand, leading to compaction and related issues.
> Salts present in the root zone force the plant to utilise additional energy to extract water and nutrients.
> Oasis™ 88 is based on organic chemistry specially developed to help control soil salinity and alkalinity. It has the same effect as gypsum (to leach soils) but is used in much lower quantities and does not add cations to the soil.
> By applying Oasis™ 88 all locked up nutrients in irrigation water and soil become ionic (this means sodium can be leached out of the soil thus reducing salinity) It also aids in reducing soil alkalinity.

> Oasis™ 88 dissolves the “fixed’’ Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate and Gypsum so as to release Ca2+ PO₄ ³- and SO₄ ²- ions and keep them free to be drawn up by the crop roots. Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous are also freed and are available for plant uptake.
> Vapour loss of nitrogen is reduced and there is optimization of the fertilizer consumption.
> Efficient cell plasma uptake of water and nutrients is significantly improved and irrigation lines are kept free of inorganic scale and deposits.

> Oasis™ 88 is classified as a Group 3 fertilizer-Soil Enhancer in South Africa.
> Oasis™ 88 is a safe, organic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly soil enhancer. It is an aqueous solution of organic acid.
> From results of acute studies, it is classified as Non Toxic to the environment.
> All components in the product are USDA/FDA and NSF compliant chemistries.
> Oasis™ 88 is compatible with most herbicides, and is stable and compatible under normal temperature conditions. See the compatibility test report here.
> Oasis™ 88 is Not compatible with chlorine and chlorine sources.

OASIS™ 88 for Gardens

Oasis™ 88 is also available in convenient 1 litre and 500ml containers for use in domestic applications.

They contain the same Aqueous Polymer Solution used in our agricultural drums but in smaller, cost-effective pack sizes, allowing you to apply all the benefits of Oasis™ 88 to your home garden.

OASIS Micro Nutrients

Micro Nutrients are normally available only in a powder form, making it difficult to apply. Oasis Agri are now blending and granulating the powders, which can now be applied either on their own or included in our fertilizer prescription blends.

The Micro Nutrients included in our blends are:

> Copper Sulphate CuSO4
> Iron Sulphate FeSO4
> Manganese Sulphate MnSO4
> Zinc Sulphate ZnSO4
> Boric Acid
> Sodium Molybdate
> Cobalt Sulphate CoSO4
> Sodium Selenate


Butter Nut

Butter Nut planted on 6/2 was the control block (poor and non-uniform germination)

Butter Nut planted on 7/2 was done with 3lts per ha of Oasis 88 (Very uniform and speedy germination)

One week later (no Oasis 88 :  weaker plant and poor germination)

One week later (with Oasis 88 : Good germination with strong healthy plants)

One week later (no Oasis 88 : not canopied over and signs of disease, plants still weak)

One week later (with Oasis 88 :  strong healthy plants, good cover and no disease)

Butter Nut crop treated with Oasis™ 88


Cabbages after 5 weeks : healthy plants, uniformity, no disease or plant loss.

The same cabbages at transplant stage which had been treated with Oasis 88.


Carrots treated with Oasis™ 88


Fig orchard in the Cape which follows the Oasis programme

Flowers & Garden

Flowers treated with Oasis™ 88


Vineyard in the Cape using Oasis™88


A field of Lettuce in the Cape treated with Oasis™ 88


Cover crop in macadamia orchard practicing mow and blow to get mulch under trees.

Same orchard providing food for wildlife.

Another young macadamia orchard with cover crop which has been treated with Oasis 88.

Same orchard following Oasis programme and has good healthy crop.

Multi specie cover crop in macadamia orchard (covers bare soil and regulates soil temperature).

4 year old macadamia trees treated with Oasis 88 showing healthy crop. Also earlier flowering and better fruit set.


Maize on right is control block. Maize  on the left treated with 4lts per ha of Oasis 88 (Earlier tassling, better germination, stronger plants and earlier harvesting). This crop was sold as green mielies.

Maize trial: Untreated (weak, nutrient deficient, poor stand, susceptible to disease and shows signs of water logging).

Treated with Oasis 88 : bigger and healthier plants, better germination and no signs of water logging.

Multi Specie Pasture

Western Cape  Multi specie dryland pasture with healthy root system and earthworm activity.

Western Cape Multi Specie Pasture (MSP) for sheep production.

Western Cape Dryland Multi specie pasture for sheep. Increased carrying capacity and better wool clip.


Nectarine orchard treated with Oasis™ 88


Papaya in Mpumalanga: Treated with Oasis 88 (Earlier establishment of strong uniform healthy trees)

Untreated papaya trees slower to establish with no uniformity.

Sugar Cane

Sugar trial in Midlands showing brix  on treated crop…

…compared to untreated.

Sugarcane trial in Richmond


Tomato crop treated with Oasis™ 88

Water Absorption

Field in Arizona. Left hand side with Oasis™ 88 applied illustrates improved absorption of water by the soil.

Wheat & Barley

Western Cape : Oasis 88 treated wheat crop with excellent germination and standability, high yielding.

Barley seed head, crop treated with Oasis 88.


“It was nice to see your setup today. It looks very well run, organized and professional! I would not expect anything less from you. The product looks very, very good and I am excited to see where it takes us. Thanks for always making the time to chat to me and to answer all my questions. We have come a long way since we started and could not have done it without you. Thanks for all the help, it’s much appreciated.” – Dairy farming client in Nottingham Rd.


Soil sampling is one of the most critical parts of any farming operation and often receives limited attention.

Farmers in South Africa spend millions of Rand annually on fertilizer purchases based on samples often taken by people with a vested interest. In view of this, the farmer cannot be sure that the samples collected are :

> Collected in the correct manner
> Correctly handled
> That they are a true representative sample of the field / land
> Incorrect sampling and collection can lead to incorrect analysis, interpretation, recommendation and application. This can lead to financial loss.

Based on the above we believe that it is important that the samples are taken by an independent source who can ensure that the samples taken are :

> Correctly collected and handled
> Correctly labelled and dispatched

Oasis Agri believes that the soil is key to producing healthy nutritious crops, and to this end we have formed an associateship with a professional team who can assist our farming clients with independent analysis of :

> Targeted soil sampling
> Leaf analysis
> Nematode Community Profile
> Solvita Respiration tests
> If there is sufficient interest, a mapping service could also be incorporated

We are of the opinion that soil sampling should be done on an annual basis, which will enable you to monitor :

> Soil fertility
> Crop removal
> Mineralisation of elements
> Any crop yield and quality limiting factors

Should you be interested in this service please click here to contact us and we will arrange for a company representative to respond.