Oasis™ 88 is a next generation biodegradable soil enhancer that effectively addresses soil compaction, salinity, and alkalinity issues.


  • Increased soil porosity, by reducing soil bulk density, increasing water infiltration which in turn results in water conservation.
  • The reduction in soil compaction results in less nitrogen loss.
  • More effective Phosphate fertilizer utilisation and optimised Phosphate fertilizer consumption.
  • Reduction in agricultural chemical consumption (eg weedicides and herbicides) and improved fumigation performance.
  • Improved germination rates.
  • Irrigation lines and emitters kept deposit free.
  • For land reclamation and damaged soils.


  • Salts present in the soil cause the soil particles to expand, leading to compaction and related issues.
  • Salts present in the root zone force the plant to utilise additional energy to extract water and nutrients.
  • Oasis™ 88 is based on organic chemistry specially developed to help control soil salinity and alkalinity. It has the same effect as gypsum (to leach soils) but is used in much lower quantities and does not add cations to the soil.
  • By applying Oasis™ 88 all locked up nutrients in irrigation water and soil become ionic (this means sodium can be leached out of the soil thus reducing salinity) It also aids in reducing soil alkalinity.
  • Oasis™ 88 dissolves the “fixed’’ Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate and Gypsum so as to release Ca2+ PO₄ ³- and SO₄ ²- ions and keep them free to be drawn up by the crop roots. Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous are also freed and are available for plant uptake.
  • Vapour loss of nitrogen is reduced and there is optimization of the fertilizer consumption.
  • Efficient cell plasma uptake of water and nutrients is significantly improved and irrigation lines are kept free of inorganic scale and deposits.


  • Oasis™ 88 is a safe, organic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly soil enhancer. It is an aqueous solution of organic acid.
  • From results of acute studies, it is classified as Non Toxic to the environment.
  • All components in the product are USDA/FDA and NSF compliant chemistries.
  • Oasis™ 88 is compatible with most herbicides, and is stable and compatible under normal temperature conditions. See the compatibility test report here.
  • Oasis™ 88 is Not compatible with chlorine and chlorine sources.

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Oasis™ 88 Soil Interaction

Oasis™ 88 Phosphate Interaction